Check stock is used by businesses who determine it to be beneficial to print their own custom business checks. Check stock is simply a high quality sheet of specialty paper that has been designed especially for check printing. Laser check stock is especially made for laser printers. There is also the lower quality stock for making ink jet checks; inkjet printers are used with these.

Check stock comes in many forms and colors. You can choose between the ‘two checks a page’, the ‘three checks a page’, or even the ‘four checks a page’. They are pre-sectioned and pre-perforated for convenience.

Flexibility with Self Printed Checks

By ordering custom check stock, you can easily design and customize checks for your business. You can also change the designs as often as you want. Print a check with a prominent business logo and you don’t have to order 10,000, just print them as you require. For personal checks if you’re feeling religious today, print some Christian bank checks. If you’re feeling athletic, then print some NASCAR checks. It all depends on you. Think twice about printing care bear checks, however, as they’re not exactly businesslike – not unless you are part of the care bears production, that is.

The fact that you can design your checks the way you want is good news since you can include as much information as you think you need on your checks whether it’s for advertising purposes or just as a personality expression, you can secure your business account information (since you won’t be giving it to another person or entity), you can print checks when you want and need them, and you can save some money, too.

Check stock is also usually compatible with popular financial and accounting software. It is ideal for making Quick Books checks and checks for Quicken. Thus, if you have a high quality printer to make your own computer checks, you may forgo ordering Intuit checks, MYOB checks, and other printable checks online, and save some money.

Affordable Checks

Although ordering checks online is less expensive than ordering bank checks directly from your bank, your checks order (even on discount computer checks) can still be more expensive than what you can afford to spend on checks. Blank check stock, on the other hand, is much cheaper than preprinted checks. It costs less than 3 cents apiece. For the price of 150 preprinted checks, you can have 750 individual checks if you make your own.

Of course, aside from spending on check stock paper, you still have to invest in a laser printer for your checks (or inkjet printer if you intend to make ink jet checks instead of laser printer checks). If you are going to print a lot of checks, though, buying check paper is still much more economical than ordering pre-printed computer business checks.

Check Stock Security

Check stock commonly has inbuilt security features. These are the same features that your bank and your online vendors use on checks. Docugard, for instance, is a check stock brand that has built-in microprints, watermarks and invisible prints to protect you from check fraud. Surprisingly security is definitely not compromised when you use check stock to print your own personal or business checks.

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