You can use blank check stock, order laser printer checks (e.g. Intuit checks), and buy pre-printed business computer checks whenever you need business checks. Among these options, the first one is the most practical. Let’s look at all three in greater detail.

Order Printer Checks or Printable Checks

You can buy blank checks if you cannot be bothered about making your own checks. Payroll blank checks are especially useful to business owners. Blank business checks are typically compatible with major accounting and payroll software so you can be sure of hassle-free check printing. QuickBooks compatible checks, for instance are readily available online. Peachtree checks and forms as well as VersaCheck refills can also be bought online.

It is very convenient to just search for a reputable vendor of blank personal checks instead of ordering blank check stock. Simply select your blank bank check package and follow the payment process and procedures specified for ordering unique checks. The decision on the right blank computer checks package should be based on the accounting and payroll software that you are using; for instance, buy QuickBook checks if you’re using QuickBooks. Once you receive you check order, QuickBooks or the software you’re using can be loaded and your Quick Books checks, VersaCheck checks or whatever type you need can be immediately printed.

However, when you order blank checks, you have not much control over the design. You’ll only be given a choice among several blank check templates. Ultimately, you can change only the payer, payee, amount, and account information on your checks.

Buy Pre-Printed Checks from a Check Printing Service

This is the more convenient alternative to ordering blank check stock and blank check printing. Simply give your vendor the relevant checking information. Unfortunately, this alternative to blank check stock is also more expensive. It is also less flexible since you can use your pre-printed checks with only one checking account.

Buy Blank Check Stock and Print Blank Checks

Among your options, buying blank check stock is the most practical business solution when you want to print checks yourself. When you order blank check stock, you get maximum flexibility, security and savings.

You have the freedom to design your checks, and you can use your blank check stock to print whatever type you want (business checks for QuickBooks, VersaCheck payroll checks and even your personal blank checks, etc) and for whatever account you choose. You can print rush checks, too. Blank check stock is the ultimate custom check printing solution. Of course, you still should buy only blank check stock that is compatible with your payroll and check writing programs and your printer (get laser blank check stock only if you have a laser printer).

For maximum protection against check tampering schemes; procure pre-printed check stock –paper that has inbuilt; this can help protect you against check fraud. Since check stock is also cheaper than pre-printed and printable business checks, you’ll save money if you print your own checks using blank check stock.

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