Check stock paper should have inbuilt security features. Otherwise, you should forgo do-it-yourself check printing; do yourself a favor and just order the pre-printed variety from any of the third-party check printers online.

Custom and Affordable Checks

Check stock paper is ideal for custom check printing jobs. This is what your vendor uses to print your checks. If you have a decent quality check printer and check software, then there’s no reason why you should not print your own checks and every reason why you should.

A bank check is just a piece of paper – a promissory note to the merchant you’re paying. It really doesn’t matter whether it has been provided by the bank or not. Thus, you can order your checks online or make them yourself.

Printing your own checks using check stock paper however, can be better than merely ordering pre-printed checks for your software like checks for Quicken; if you make your own checks, you can give your checks exactly the look that you want to achieve. There may be a lot of check designs to choose from online, but someone whose tastes do not run to pop is going to have a hard time looking for the best design.

Blank check paper, moreover, is way cheaper than pre-printed customized checks. Thus, you will save money when you buy check stock paper rolls instead of a box of pre-printed checks. However, it’s best to keep in mind that not all paper would do for making checks.

Check Fraud Protection

When it comes to handling your money and finances, you really can’t be too careful. If you are lax and careless, you may end up writing a check you know nothing about; that is, an unscrupulous individual may photocopy your old one, note down your payment information and use the counterfeit check to charge your account. Protect yourself by using check paper / check stock that has adequate security features. Essentially, check stock paper should have something that can not be reproduced by someone attempting to make imitation checks.

Imitations can be made out of old checks by erasing then replacing the date and amount and photocopying them using a high-resolution, colored printer. Thus check stock paper should have features that cannot be replicated through this process.

Microprint is one of the standard check security features. The microprint is invisible to the naked eye and it would appear pixelated on the duplicate. There’s also the chemical that reacts with the substances used to erase portions of the check; this produces a noticeable stain on the duplicate. Some check stock paper suppliers have also used fluorescent fibers so photocopying shouldn’t work.

So, before you turn on your printer and get your printing software running, first find stock paper that you can trust. Naturally, you should augment the paper’s security features by using MICR; check printing using ordinary ink is not enough even if you use the most sophisticatedly designed check stock paper there is.

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