Computer check supplies need not be expensive. You only have to have the patience to scout around for the best computer check provider. To save time and money, your best option is to use a “checks” search engine to look for online vendors of computer check products. For best results, compare which vendors always come up in the top list.

Usually, vendors of Quicken checks and all other common types of computer checks (Quick Books checks is another popular choice) offer a range of check solutions. Their computer check products, moreover, are clearly labeled. It is thus practical to read the information that comes with each computer check package before you proceed to confirm your order; you don’t want to end up with QuickBooks checks when you are using Peachtree and are thus in need of Peachtree checks.

For safety and security purposes, you may only choose one type of blank laser checks for each order. For instance, you may not place an order for a box of MS Money checks and then specify that half of the computer check package should be checks for QuickBooks.

Laser or Inkjet Checks

Pre-printed check stock / blank check stock online, cheap though they are (relative to what banks charge for computer check products), can still be significantly expensive for startups. To save money, perhaps you should select checks that can be printed using an inkjet printer. Of course you have to be aware that for some checks, laser printing is necessary to activate some security features.

You can also get some manual business checks. Computer assisted check-writing and accounts-monitoring programs and one-write checks (QuickBooks checks /Quicken checks and other computer check types) can help cut your check-writing time considerably, but such checks can also be relatively expensive.

If you’re just starting out, manual wallet checks and desk checks are good choices. For such types of cheap checks, computer software is not necessary for writing and making checks; you manually fill in your checks payee details and amount information. You can also get some manual photo checks if you want to brand your checks; patriotic checks with American colors and graphics can be your way to tell other people about your 100% American Made products.

Payment and Shipping/Handling

Most payment options cover VISA and Mastercard. Make sure that there are no hidden fees before placing your order and paying for your computer check supplies. While the industry rate is competitive, you might come across some computer check providers that charge the same base rate as others, but tag on additional costs. In approximately one week’s time, you should receive your computer check shipment.

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