Using laser check stock is one of your options when you need to restock the checks for your business. Your other options are ordering pre-printed manual business checks which you fill in manually when needed and ordering pre-printed laser check or printable checks (e.g. Intuit checks) that you fill out using check writing software and print using laser printer (or inkjet printer if you intend making inkjet checks instead). Using laser check stock varies from both of the above; when you order laser check stock, you’ll get a completely blank laser check – no images, no lines, no words, and numbers are on it. All you’ll get is a simple sheet of laser check paper.

This is its primary advantage. Your laser check stock, blank of course, can be used for all of your checking accounts – personal and business. You can also make some collegiate checks with some of your laser check stock, use some to print some NASCAR checks and use the rest to make QuickBooks checks and Peachtree checks. A laser check stock order can have as many as 1000 individual sheets on it; this is more than enough check printing paper for all of your accounts and all of your design preferences.

Laser check stock paper prices play around 3 to 11 cents per piece depending on your check stock vendor. However, if you throw in a box of business deposit slips, some printed business envelopes and other check accessories when you purchase blank laser checks, you’re likely to get a discounted rate.

Laser Check Stock: Value for Your Money

Your laser check stock should come with a built-in security system that will protect you from check fraud. There are approximately more than half a billion fraudulent check incidences yearly; you should practice all necessary caution so you don’t become one of the poor identity theft victims.

Some of the security measures that you should look for on your laser check stock are:

  1. Chemicals that will make any alterations to the MICR print (used on the routing number and bank account information) obvious.
  2. Chemicals that will react with chlorine-based eradicator.
  3. Fluorescent fibers that are only seen by ultraviolet light.
  4. Very small print that breaks down when check is photocopied.

You cannot be more careful when it comes to choosing your laser check forms. One slip can be all it takes to lose all of your hard-earned money and your good reputation. This becomes even more crucial if you have a business name to protect.

Laser Check Printing

Arrange the elements of your computer laser checks when using check stock. The bank account and bank routing information are usually printed at the bottom left, the check number and personal information are found on top and the payment amount and payee information are usually placed at the middle. Once your template’s ready, simply use a laser printer and print the check on your blank laser check stock.

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