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Checkbook Covers

Is There a Fashion Faux Pas Lurking in Your Purse?

Okay, that may be a little extreme, but with the styles and selections currently available there just isn’t any reason to use that standard issue cheap looking black vinyl cover from your bank any longer.

Fossil Womens Leather Checkbook Cover - Cargo Deluxe Checkbook Cover - Color: Black - SL8390001

Checkbook covers have evolved to include something for any taste. Would you describe yourself as simple and practical, but with a classy touch, then there is a leather checkbook cover for you. Something that looks great and will last for years and get more beautiful with time. There’s the classic black leather checkbook cover, or the leather checkbook cover with an NBA logo on it: now you can have the same checkbook as Mark Cuban…too bad the bank account number on the checks wasn’t his :)

Really the list of styles goes on and on but the pattern and texture and fabric are not the only decisions you’ll need to make when purchasing a checkbook cover. All of the covers from any manufacturer will accommodate either one part or duplicate checks.

Wallet or simple cover?

You can find a simple replacement or upgrade for your standard bank cover starting at about $13.95 for a standard black leather checkbook cover that will be much more durable and for a couple dollars more you can add one of about 60 custom styles.

If you’d like to incorporate your check book into your wallet the features can include a snap tab, an address book, plastic photo sleeves, pens and pen holders, credit card slides and of course room for bills and coins. In leather a wallet style checkbook cover will run between $30 and $50 dollars. The nicest selection we’ve found of checkbook wallets is made by : Fossil Everyday Flap Clutch – Women’s Leather Checkbook Cover comes in cognac, camel, black or green leather.


Zippered checkbook covers can be great if you are in the habbit of tucking items like receipts or a pen into your checkbook.

Checkbook Cover With Calculator Built In?

Did you know that a simple mistake on calculating how much is remaining in your account can be very costly in overdraft charges. Another great reason to have a checkbook cover with calculator is to allow you to quickly and easily balance your checkbook register.

Styles and Designer Check Book Covers

Snoopy peanuts checkbook covers & special edition checkbook covers from Disney, Coca-Cola (Coke) and Winny the Pooh are just a few of the over 70 models in the full selection of checkbook covers.

Looking for Business Checkbook Covers?

Are you looking for a checkbook cover for your business? Something simple that conveys the type of image that is appropriate for your organization? There is an option for every taste available for company checkbook covers too.

The choice for a business checkbook covers is a 7-ring checkbook binder in genuine leather. It is ideal for your 3 on a page business checks and has various pockets and even a pen holder. Stylish enough to show your good taste and class and durable enough to carry anywhere, it’s like having a office anywhere you go. There is a complete line of business checkbook covers at ChecksUnlimited.