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Checks by Design


When was the last time you saw a plain white check? Though they’re theoretically possible, most banks would give you the evil eye if you tried to pass one. Deluxe checks or the cheapest of the cheap, one of the features common to all checks is the fact that they’re decorated with some sort of background design. The design doesn’t have to be exciting or even tasteful, but it does have to be there. Sometimes it’s even one of the security features of the check.

All check manufacturers offer default designs, which are often less expensive than more elaborate decorations. We’ve all seen them: wavy blue lines or speckles seem to predominate. However, unless you’re really old fashioned (or way too frugal) you’re going to want something that reflects your personalities or interests — and if that’s the case, you’ll have to settle for only about a bazillion different options. Think that’ll be enough?

Checking out the options

While you’re unlikely to find Miss October offered as a check design (checks are, after all, public documents), there isn’t much else you won’t find as an option. Banks alone usually offer dozens, if not hundreds, of designs through their affiliated printers. But remember, you’re not required to buy your checks from the bank — you can buy them from anyone, and the bank has to take them as long as a) you have the money in your account, and b) your banking information is printed on them. (Legally, you could write a check on a two-by-four in longhand — but try getting a bank to accept it).

If you can’t have girly checks, at least you can have checks with cars on them — say, that 64