Years ago my wife and I would always panic when we reached for the checkbook only to find two or three checks left in the last book in the box. We always neglect that little tab on the second to last checkbook that warns us that it’s time to order. There is usually a scramble to see if we neglected to use all the checks and hope that we have enough to last for the next bill paying cycle.

Over the last few years, we’ve found it extremely convenient to simply order our checks online. Now we would get an e-mail to remind us when it’s time to reorder. There are personal check companies offering their services all over the Internet these days. They’re easy to find and you can get many designs included in the base price.

But what I have found to be inspiring is the option to display our faith on our checkbooks. Now Christian families have choices of backgrounds that depict scenes of peace and tranquility, biblical passages, and even pictures of Jesus and the disciples.

There are incredible selections of Christian personal checks now available online. You can get a theme with beautiful scenery emblazoned with verses from the NIV. Another theme that is extremely popular displays a series of soft focus photographs of flowers delicately arranged with a Bible verse displayed above them. A sampling of the themes displayed on these sites show scenes of nature, sunrises and sunsets, close-ups of hands in prayer and even artwork of angelic figures.

The prices for these checks are extremely reasonable, and many times there are special offers displayed on websites. These sites are usually connected directly with online printers which removes the middleman (such as banks and marketing companies). This allows them to pass the savings on to you.

For believers who want to share their faith discretely, these checks allow you to proudly display your devotion to Christ and his teachings. If you have a favorite passage or scene from the Bible that you would like to display on your checks, don’t give up too quickly; there are now thousands of images created by designers.

One of my favorites is the pictures of old country churches displayed with a different inspirational quote. When all else fails, there are personalized checks which allow you to decorate your check book exactly the way you wish.

After you’ve searched the library of images and have gone through the options, it is time to place your order. Next, choose how many checks you wish to order by clicking on the quantity box. Quite often you will find an option to add custom messages to your checks.

You can choose to order a checkbook cover to match your selection, and when you’re satisfied with your order simply click on the “Add to Cart” box. At this point you’ll simply have to enter your credit card information and verify your order. Ordering my Christian personal checks online has never been easier.

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