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When we used to read the Sunday newspapers long ago, (before we got our news on the Internet), I remember leafing through the ads in the circular section and seeing the wide variety of colorful checks that we could order by mail. Of course, I never kept any of these samples (or the order form) and so when it was time to reorder our checks, I never remembered; we would eventually run out.

Now those days are over, because whenever I need to order a new box of checks, I usually get an e-mail notice way in advance for my online printer. It has become extremely convenient to order checks online. What’s even better is that I can customize my own cool personal checks online.

Many discount check printers have established online order systems. You can choose the type of check, the style of the font, and even modify it with your own information. You can add fun patterns to your checks; your favorite movie theme or cartoon characters are also available. You may even be able to find your favorite rock band!

Many online printers allow you to create personalized checks with your own pictures, logo and slogan. So now there is no excuse for ordering late because when you sign up, they will track your order and will alert you ahead of time by e-mail. Now, with the push of a button you can reorder and have your checks before you run out.

What’s so special about ordering cool personal checks online? If you’re an animal lover, chances are you’ll be able to let the world know. If you’re into sports, patriotic themes, you can proudly display your individuality and allegiance.

You can even choose the type of personal checks that suits you. Whether you prefer to have a side tear or top tear for your checkbook, or you prefer to have duplicates so that you have a paper copy of your transaction, you can order that online instantly.

With thousands of designs to choose from, along with the ability to mix and match messages, there is no end to the creative options at your disposal. For decades I used to be a plain blue checkbook writer. But with the enormous amount of choices available and inexpensive cost of producing these cool personal checks, there’s no reason in the world for me not to express myself.

One aspect of ordering online that thrills me to no end, is no longer having to pay the inflated rates to my bank. Although banks tend to include a free box of checks when you open your account, they make up for it through the expensive reorders. They tend to have a limited selection of styles to begin with and can take up to a month to deliver.

There is no need to worry about the security of your order; when choosing an online check printer, look for symbols such as the Better Business Bureau logo or a verifiable secure processing system.

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