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You Won’t Believe the Huge Selection of Artistic Checks and Checkbook Styles that Are Available and all at prices that are much less than What You’ll Pay at Your Bank

Designer Checks exampleNothing feels better than saving money, especially when it’s at the expense of your bank! If you order personal checks online you can save up to 50% from the price that you would pay at your bank. Same quality, same security feature, lower prices. And it gets even better, not only can you find cheap checks by using our site, but you can find check styles that your bank would never dare offer for fear of tarnishing their conservative image.

You may not even have been aware of the huge selection of check and checkbook styles that are available. You can find checks that remind you of your favorite cartoon characters, express you loyalty to your college or university, show your love of your favorite NBA or NFL team and even that express your faith in with inspirational images.

Checks Now Have Style!


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Let’s face it as hard as we try to go with just using a debit card, there are still times when writing a check is the better choice. Some prime examples would be: when you don’t want to pay $3.00 for a money order, or how about putting a little surprise inside your Granddaughter’s birthday card, not to mention paying your rent or anything else that may require post dated checks.

It’s a plastic money world but the humble business check, a simple promise to pay a specific amount of money, is not going anywhere. While it’s role has become more limited there has also been a resurgence in checks…checks now have become ART! Check manufacturers and printing companies have been quietly developing hundreds of cool styles. Now paying for that parking ticket or your son’s lunch fund can actually be fun and an expression of your personality.

Shopping for Checks Online

Not only have the number of colors, styles and designs explode in the world of checks, but the ease of acquiring checks has increased dramatically and best of all the prices have fallen too. How did all this happen? What caused it? Well the Internet of course. Now you can order personal checks from the major check printing companies from the comfort of you living room. You get better selection, comparison shopping and the prices are fantastic.

Is Ordering Checks Online Safe?

Even if you’re new to shopping online, you’ll find great confidence in our easy, safe and secure system that allows you to make purchases using a credit card in a flash and with no worries. We’re sure you’ll be impressed all the information we’ve gathered to make this as easy and as inexpensive as possible for you. The merchants we represent are carefully chosen and must be members of the Better Business Bureau Online. Each one has a long history and reputation for not only quality products but excellent customer service and satisfaction.

The information you supply to order your checks is not confidential or difficult to find, in fact you give this information to everyone that you give a check too, it is the same information that is on your current checks and all you’ll need is one of the checks from your current checkbook to complete your order. Once you have ordered checks online the first time, reordering personal checks will be a snap.