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Elvis Checkbook Cover


Yeah Baby, You’d Better Believe It!

You’ve got the Elvis purse the Elvis socks and of course the music…the only thing missing is the Elvis checkbook cover. Why not? Maybe you’re an Elvis impersonator? Well you can remember the King of Rock and Roll and the good times that you had listening to the charismatic crooner with memorabilia for your wallet.

There are a lot of different designer checkbook covers, many that have themes of popular music and popular culture in general. Did you know you could purchase a genuine leather check book wallet with a classic Coca-Cola bottle embossed onto the front?

But the best for you is the custom leather Elvis model, without a doubt, and you can save yourself a trip to Graceland’s gift shop and pick one up online. There are a lot of places to purchase checkbook covers online, including eBay, The Bradford Exchange, 4 Checks and Checks Unlimited.

By ordering a checkbook online you’ll receive all the same features and quality controls that you expect: long lasting durable leather or vinyl, holders for either top loading top-tear checks or side loading site-tear checks. In most cases there is a place for a pen and a register to help you record your purchases and keep your checking account balanced.

You can find our recommendations for online retailers and a preview of the many styles on our checkbook cover page.