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Free Checkbook Register


The easy answer is to order a new box of personal checks, because each box will contain a brand new checkbook transaction register. Then you just need to slide it into the slot, they’re pretty universal in size, copy over the previous balance and you’re in business.

We provide one register per two box order and two registers per four box order. The registers are now larger and contain 768 single entry lines or 384 double entry lines per book. This is sufficient to handle 2 boxes of single or duplicate style checks and still allow for ATM and deposit transactions.

The other scenario is that you have run out of space in your checkbook register and you still have checks left, so you’d like a free transaction record to use to balance your checking account.

There are four ways to go at this point:

  1. You can “bite the bullet” and order new checks, and get a free check book register. The advantage of this approach is that you really are getting a free register for you checkbook wallet. The disadvantage is that you had to buy checks even though you really didn’t need them.
  2. There isn’t much difference between “free” and $2.50 cents. Checks Unlimited has checkbook registers for $2.50. But you will have to pay a small shipping fee as well, so getting back to number one, you may want to pick up any other checking accessories to spread out the shipping costs [or ask your friends
    if they need anything and combine your orders.]
  3. Make your own. The checkbook transaction register is not that complicated. If you have at least one clean page left, you could take it and photocopy it and then put together your own temporary checkbook register until you’re ready to order personal checks again.
  4. Ask your bank. Now usually they will want you to purchase checks to get the free transaction record, but if you are friends with your bank manager and why wouldn’t you be [do you know how much money they make from your mortgage?] then you could ask for a new register as a favor. I’ll bet they many just have a couple laying around.

That’s all the tips I can think of for replenishing your checkbook’s register for free and almost free. If you’re going to order checks or a new checkbook cover to get a new register, you may want to visit our checkbook cover page or our discount checks section where we feature the best deals on checks from across the web.