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You Can Have Checks Made From Your Favorite Photos

“Your photos are the only limitation to the design possibilities. This is your chance to show off pets, family members, cars, or any other personal favorites.” Unique Checks [Note: Unique Checks has merged with Artistic Checks, you'll automatically be taken to the new site by using this link]

Getting custom images on your personal checks online is very simple. All you need is to choose your check style and upload your image and in a few days you’ll get your checks in the mail.

The main type of image checks:

  1. Unique Checks. These checks have all checks with the same image. Unique Checks [Note: Unique Checks has merged with Artistic Checks, you'll automatically be taken to the new site by using this link]

The pricing on these custom checks is surprisingly not much more than regular checks [thanks to new printing and digital photo technology].

Wallet Single: 1 box of 150 Just $19.95
Wallet Duplicate: 1 box of 150 Just $21.95
Side Tear Single: 1 box of 150 Just $19.95
Side Tear Duplicate: 1 box of 150 Just $21.95

Unique checks also offers a selection of other products customized with your photos or images and they do have special prices if you make your check purchase with any accessories [these include: address labels and stickers, photo purses, t-shirts, sweatshirts, coasters and mouse pads]

Image checks from your personal photos

There is a Photo Set up fee if you want to mail in your images. If you make your image checks order online this fee is not charged.

Photo or Image checks come in all the popular check formats: top-stub checks, patriotic checks, building checks and especially for Realtors “House for Sale” checks. It should also be mentioned that these checks have all the security features, legal and banking features that regular personal checks
have…these are just more fun :)

Business Image Checks

While they are a bit more limited than the personal checks, there are business checks that can be customized with images or photos, even NASCAR checks.

Check Crafters offers business checks which have images for specific professions: contractors, salon, nail crafters, diamond plate [like a truck bed...good for mechanics], shear perfection.

But the really cool business checks are their photo laser checks which can be customized with your company or business image of your choice. Head office, staff picture, CEO image, or something that represents the product or service you provide. Each custom image business check can be a part of your advertising or marketing campaign.

These custom business checks are also available for most business bookkeeping and accounting software packages, including: Quicken, Quickbooks and Microsoft Money.

Image checks let you put whatever character, photo, web graphics and even text that you like onto your personal checks. You can purchase puppy image checks, frog checks and even penguin checks – if you’re an animal lover – or get Care Bear checks if you’re fond of those cute little creatures from Care-A-Lot.

Love the sun and the surf? Get some beach checks, instead.

Another idea, your personal image checks can hold images some of the most memorable events in your life. For instance, you can order a baby footprint image online and use it on your check to commemorate your son’s birth. You want to see the funny side of seeing your money fly? You can have your check stamped with an imprint of your lips as if you were kissing your money goodbye. Your bright red checks will be the coolest and most colorful checks imaginable.

Online Image Check Purchase

1. You can choose your image from your vendor’s ready-to-use design templates.

2. When ordering your image checks, or any kind of checks online, you should make sure that your account and bank information are current and correct. Have one of your existing checks handy.

3. Order turnaround time is usually 2-3 weeks. However, most online providers can accommodate rush orders for an extra charge.

4. To protect you from check fraud, your check provider should have the MICR Specification Sheet. Purchase security is foremost for these companies so you can be sure that your orders will get to you and your personal information is safe. Also ensure Better Business Bureau certifications for safe shopping and reliable check merchants.

5. The payment process is simple. Almost all merchants will allow payments via credit card. Most merchants will not charge you until your order has been sent out, but they will verify your charge on your card before they approve your order.

Print Your Own Image Checks

Printing your own image checks will give you even more flexibility; do the following if you want to design your own image checks. A handy tip is to support your favorite team by creating sports checks.

Choose your image

Get a free background image from online image banks. If you want quality, buy a photograph from stock photography sites; such sites usually carry professional-quality pictures that are perfect as check images. If you have your own at digital camera, you may also take your own pictures and upload them for totally unique image checks.

Order your blank checks or check paper

If you want recycled checks, then order some recycled paper. If you want easy-to-use paper, then purchase laser printer checks. If you are ordering blanks, choose your style: do you want top stub checks or side tear style checks?

Lay out your check style

Follow the standard lay out of your current bank checks; use check printing software to make things easier. Do not forget to include your background image, your personal information and your account and bank details.

The last step is to print your image checks using magnetic ink if possible.

Photo Checks