You can use recycled checks if you want to help the environment in your small way. You don’t have to chain yourself on trees or march in protest. You don’t have to be a die hard environmentalist to be able to do something good for the environment. For the environmentalist in you, use personal recycled checks and help save trees.

Recycled checks are not used checks. Rather, they are those that have been printed on used paper. Recycled checks are printed on recycled paper using soy-based and non-toxic ink that conforms to organic standards.

Why Use Recycled Checks?

Recycled checks can be good for your branding efforts. The number of people who are actively campaigning for a greener and cleaner world is rising; you simply cannot discount them from your consumer targeting efforts. If you do, you might be doing your business a grievous harm. Follow what other companies are doing – businesses left and right are declaring their eco-friendly services and practices.

Thus, it would help your company if you were to join the movement and start using recycled and organic materials on your business checks. Even if you don’t need the branding benefits (say, you have already successfully built your brand or are planning to use a different tack), don’t you think you still owe it to the environment to do what you can to help save it?

Apart from being eco-friendly, recycled checks also make for great artistic checks. They mix really well with nature-inspired themes (e.g. recycled frog checks). If you have a fall theme or a flowery background on your checks, recycled paper (especially those with bits of dried leaves, flowers and grass) mixed in will add another dimension to your check design; such paper has a distinctive look and feel that makes it very appealing. In fact, you will see a trend towards using recycled paper in specialty greeting cards; this trend is fueled by both the green movement and the fact that recycled paper looks really attractive.

Where to Find Recycled Checks?

Use Google and you’ll get hundreds of possible sources online. Recycled checks come in various designs – they’re not limited to nature themes at all. There are recycled religious checks and recycled sports checks. Some can be laser printed (recycled laser checks) and they can come in various styles; checks using recycled materials can also be top stub checks or side tear. They can be singles, duplicates or 3 on a page checks.

If you order checks online, furthermore, you’re likely to get a discount. Checks online are rather cheaper than bank checks (those procured directly from the bank). In fact, there are online check merchants that give away free checks after, say, four reorders.

On the other hand, you can make your own. You can order recycled paper and organic ink from an online store like The Green Office. Then you can design your own check and print it. There could be nothing simpler than making your own recycled checks.

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