Write Top Stub Checks

Top stub checks are popular. As you know, there are two prevalent styles for a check: side tear and top stub. The former is the traditional style but there are reasons why the latter are more preferred.

Advantages of Top Stub Checks

Top stub checks make recording check transactions easy. They have a stub on top (thus the name) on which one can write the details (payee information, the date of check issue and the amount paid) about each check written. The stubs remain intact and bound to the rings for record-keeping. Thus, if one ever forgets about a certain transaction, he only has to look at his past stubs. If any disputes arise, he’ll have a professional-looking record to show as proof.

Top stub checks also come with personalized top stub checkbook covers. Invest in leather top stub checkbook covers so you’ll be doubly sure that the stubs will remain intact and free from any spills and thereby keeping your records secure. Checkbook calculators can help make checkbook monitoring and reconciliation much easier so be sure to get one of those to complement your top stub check cover.

Top Stub Check Designs

Online, you have a variety of design options for your top stub checks. For nature and environment lovers, there are beach checks and recycled checks. For more options, try imagechecks.com. Here (as in other online check retailers), you’ll find adorable check designs. If you like dogs, checks with cute doggie designs can be found online. Other charming alternatives include care bear checks and celestial checks. Personalized photo checks, like NASCAR checks are also offered online.

Inexpensive Checks

Top stub checks in the web are inexpensive; this should be reason enough for some to order top stub checks online. This is especially true if you’re buying in bulk. Bulk buyers can get a greater business checks discount with every top stub checks order.

Online, furthermore, you will easily find a top stub check that has been made especially for easy business bookkeeping. If you get printable checks – also known as computer business checks – you can print directly on your laser printer checks.

If you use quickbooks, buying checks for quickbooks will make printing custom business checks much easier. Such top stub checks can be completely filled out through printing so you don’t have to manually fill out anything, even the stubs. Intuit checks are an example of cheap computer checks that are readily compatible with accounting software.

A check with top stub, however, is not very easy to tear off the stub. This is, in fact, its main disadvantage and the reason why some people still prefer using a side tear check. A side tear check is much easier to tear off the checkbook. Some people also prefer the side tear check (they just order them in duplicates) since they simply have not the patience to manually record information on the stub. After all, top stub checks remain useful only if one keeps a vigilant record of check transactions.

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