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Are You Fan Enough?

Yes you could have personal checks with your favorite NFL team on them, but unfortunately the NFL has not authorized them yet. Unlike the NBA, MLB and NHL the NFL has not come to a partnership with one of the check printing companies to allow this sort of product to be produced.

Now, since I know more about checking than anyone should rightfully know, I have come up with a work-around for you if you simply must have your the Eagles or Bears or Vikes or any other team on your checks…not quite as simple as ordering them pre-made but in one way actually much better.

The NFL does not have an official policy to create checks, but nothing is stopping you from making your own. At Unique Checks they offer a special service and that is to take any [almost] image you produce and create checks with that image on the background.

So if you can come up with an image that you own the rights to then it should be okay. You’ll need to see take a photo from a live game you were at, or maybe you grabbed shot of one of your team’s stars at a promotional event, or just a shot of you wearing the NFL team jersey. Any of these should be okay and then you’ll have the rarest of all pro sports personal checks. Truly unique checks and you’ll be the only one in town to have them.

As an alternative to NFL Checks and keeping with the football theme, you may prefer to have your University or Collegiate football team on your checks.

Or see all the artistic and designer check suggestions on our product pages or our image checks page.