When ordering bank checks online, make sure that your choice of check provider is both legitimate and dependable. While the internet is a good source of cheap personal bank checks, it is also a hotbed for fraud and identity theft. You should therefore verify your online check vendor’s security system before you order bank check online.

Once you’ve established that your vendor is legitimate and your information will be safeguarded, placing a bank check order online should be a breeze. You will only need to fill-out a form and follow the step-by-step guide for ordering bank checks. Note, however, that there are check providers that don’t process first-time transactions without first getting a copy of a voided check and bank deposit slip from your current checking account.

Ordering Bank Checks: Procedure

  1. Go to the site where you will be ordering bank checks.
  2. Fill out the bank check ordering form. Provide all pertinent details and answer all required fields, as missing out on some will delay processing of your mail order checks. You need to give out the minimum information required whenever you order blank checks.
  3. Customize your personalized discount checks. Browse through the design choices in your vendor’s check gallery.

    In some galleries, you can order Christian checks and other religious bank checks. Do you want a cute pet background? Get dachshund checks. Do you hanker for the beach? Get tropical checks or beach checks. Do you want magical checks? Then get some Disney bank checks or some Irish bank checks. Do you prefer exclusive designs? Then order designer checks. If you want plain checks, of course you can have that as well. Truth is – you’ll never run out of design options when ordering bank checks online.

  4. Choose your preferred style for your check – side tear, top tear, single wallet, top stub, etc.
  5. View cart to check if your online bank check order was properly selected.
  6. If correct, click the add button if you want to purchase bank check accessories and other items from your online check vendor.
  7. Click Submit once you’ve accomplished your bank check Order Form.
  8. You should receive a confirmation of your bank check online order via e-mail within 24 hours.
  9. If you don’t get an e-mail, immediately contact your vendor’s customer support team so problems could be resolved quickly. You must also check your e-mail’s bulk folder as your e-mail confirmation could just have been tagged as spam.

The above is the basic procedure for ordering bank checks. You should follow the same procedure if you want to reorder bank checks from the same vendor you have used before.

Remember that when ordering bank checks, you have to be ready with your credit card information so you can pay via plastic. If you’re not comfortable ordering bank checks online, you can also buy bank check through fax. However, ordering bank checks online is a much faster, easier and cheaper alternative.

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