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Our busy lifestyle causes us to overlook a great many things. One of these usually is how many checks we have left and are in our book. In the distant past, there have been quite a few times where my wife and I have looked at each other and wondered what we did with all those checks.

Now, when we get our e-mail alert we know that it’s time to look at our box of checks determine how many we have left is simply place an order with the click of a button. For those who haven’t made the transition to online check ordering, it’s very easy to run out of personal checks at an inconvenient time you may end up missing a few payments on crucial bills while you wait for the bank to send you replacements.

When we first decided to go online to order personal checks, we were concerned about the security issues. Was our information safe? Can we trust the company to securely deliver our goods? There are a few steps to take to ensure that you order personal checks online safely.

Many of these companies have been established for over a decade with a spotless track record and proper certification. Let’s walk through an example of ordering personal checks online.

1. Log into the check printing website.

2. You will then see a wide selection of styles and designs with the ability to customize your checks. At this point you can choose everything from classic movies, sports, religious themes and many more. Some sites even allow detailed custom designs at a great price.

3. Click on the design that works for you.

4. Once you do you’ll be taken to the order form where you can finalize the package you wish to purchase. Your pricing will vary based on the package you select. For instance you may want to order custom designed checkbook covers, personal address labels or other items listed.

5. After you finalize your selections you’ll then go to a page to fill out your personal details. In many cases you will include your e-mail address for future alerts.

6. Once you’ve completed the information section, and you’ve verified your details click the payment button and place your order with your credit card.

7. As an added security many online personal check order sites will send you a confirmation e-mail with your order.

And that is it you have completed the process and within two weeks your checks will arrive in the mail many sites now have an option that would allow for overnight delivery. There is usually an additional charge but if you are in a tough situation, and that offer is available it makes life that much more convenient.

The other safety factor that should put your mind at ease is if you have an issue with the company you can always contact your credit card company or the check printer through their customer service to receive a refund or satisfaction.

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