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My oldest son, who’s had a bank account since he was a toddler, is graduating from high school. And as I promised, he’s getting his first checkbook. We’ve gone through all the steps required for balancing an account, how to save money and the proper way to spend money. Now he gets to do this on his own.

After filling out all the details at the bank, I declined the offer for printed checks and told the manager that we were going to order his first box online. She gave us one book of preliminary checks that included the bank number and routing number.

I wanted to show my son that I knew something about the Internet and new technology that he was not yet privy to. This kid was Internet savvy but I was ready to show him one cool new trick. If you haven’t ordered checks online yet this is one of the coolest things modern technology has offered us. I’m going to show you how easy it is to order personal checks online in seven simple steps.

1. Check out a reputable personal check printing website. They should have a customer satisfaction guarantee along with a wide selection of images to choose from. Their order process should be simple and secure.

2. When you first encounter the selection of styles and designs don’t freak out. If this is your first time, there will be a lot to choose from but take your time and think about what you like best to represent your personality. Most online check order sites have thousands of designs to fit all tastes.

3. Narrow your decision down and study them a few times before making a decision. Some packages offer more customization along with your selected design.

4. So now that you’ve chosen your design, follow the instructions if you’re going to make any customization. Perhaps you’ve chosen to add a photo to your checks or your own personal tagline. Many packages now offer extras such as decorated checkbook covers, personal address labels and other amenities.

5. Now that you’ve finalized your order, it’s time to fill out all the details for your check. You’ll be asked to include the routing number and your check number. Be sure to keep either a canceled check on hand for this or your starter checks from the bank. Enter all information requested and double check your entry before moving onto the next part.

6. After verifying that you’ve completed the information correctly, press the payment button to place your order by credit card. Fill out the credit card information and click to finalize your order. Many online offers also come with free shipping.

7. Check your e-mail for the online personal check order confirmation. Most online printers utilize this in order to verify your order as well as a way of sending you any specials that they may have throughout the year. I made that look so easy that my son thinks I’m a genius.

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