Personal Checks

Not too many people actually notice how much the banks are charging you to reorder personal checks. If you haven’t looked at your statement lately, now is a good time to do so. You see, the banks find a way to add an extra charge on everything they do; that’s how they make money. I won’t go so far as to say you’re being ripped off, but I bet that you’re paying too much.

You may wonder what the alternative is. You may have seen those colorful ads in the circulars on Sunday morning promoting mail-order style cool checks. You may have even thought about it in the past but never gotten around to it because when the time comes to buy personal checks you never had the circular in hand.

You may have wondered whether it was safe to send the order form and a copy of your canceled check to a company you’ve never dealt with before.

If you need checks now, don’t wait until the weekend to scrounge around for the circular. Just go on the Internet and see how easy is to order discount personal checks online. Not only is it inexpensive, but you can choose from a wide variety of styles (such as top-stub personal checks), colors, themes (like Christian personal checks) and even build your own photo checks. Many of the companies who have been creating checks for decades have found the Internet to be the ideal place to service their customers and cut out the middleman.

But how safe is it to order personal checks online? Will I get ripped off when I order my personal checks? How do I know these guys are legitimate? Those are all valid questions and I’m going to show you how to put those worries to rest. When ordering personal checks online, there are three things to look for to ensure security in ordering. The credit card processing must be conducted in a secure environment (SSL credit card processing system).

Look for a logo or other prominent sign on the website detailing their payment policy. Look for the customer service information on the website. Be sure to bookmark the site when you order for easy reference if you need to go back to visit them for any reason. Jot down any phone numbers or contact information on the site.

Look for their refund policy – reputable online companies will gladly refund your payment if you are dissatisfied. Companies that ship goods to consumers may deduct the shipping costs in their refund policy, so read it carefully. Be sure that you’re satisfied with their refund information and that you’ve read it thoroughly.

One more thing to consider when ordering your cheap personal checks, if you need to cancel the order at any time; contact the company immediately regarding your decision to cancel. Also contact your credit card company with the details of the transaction. Notify your bank if you’re using a debit card to pay for your order. If you follow the above instructions you should have no problem safely and securely ordering your personal checks online.

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