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We have seen those popular credit card commercials on TV that promote the customization of your cards. They’ve got the folks on their computer uploading the photos and designing their own custom made credit cards and making it look so easy.

Did you know that you can do the very same thing with your checkbook? That’s correct; if you have a favorite personal photo of you at two years old on a bear skin rug, you can emblazon it on the front of your checks. But that’s not all, people aren’t just putting their faces on their checkbooks; they’ve got their favorite cars, their favorite pets and even their airplanes printed on their photo checks.

The idea of customizing your checkbook is not a new one. Business people have been doing it for years. They placed their logo and other trademark images on their checks, because they know checks travel to many destinations. It has been a great unseen promotional tactic for businesses big and small.

They make a statement of who you are and what your interests are as well. If you have a favorite picture of your son or grandson in his karate uniform doing a jumping sidekick; you can show him off by putting him on your checks.

If you are a piano teacher and you’ve wanted to express your art, why not have a picture of you at the piano on your checkbook? You can use any personal photograph that you have the rights to. Please remember to obey all copyright laws when choosing pictures.

Simply go online to a premier check ordering company and choose the option for photos. Be sure to have your image properly formatted ahead of time. You may use an image manipulating program to re size and design your picture.

Choose an image that is no smaller than a 3″ x 5″ photo. A standard size for uploading would be 1875 X 900 pixel image. When the image is imprinted into your checks it will appear faded in the background with the lettering on top. This is to comply with the ANSII (American National Standards Institute) format. This standard is acceptable to banks.

When you’ve chosen your product from the list, choose the format for your checks, how many boxes; whether you would like a side tear single or side tear duplicates, wallet single or wallet duplicates. There are also options available for labels and stickers. Checkbook covers are also available.

Ordering your personal photo checks online is not only very popular these days but also inexpensive. More people are using this method for reorders than going into their local bank to buy them. The banks usually take a lot longer to deliver your checks anyway.

If you are creative; you can place your work on your checks. A ballet dancer may have her shoes prominently displayed on her checks or even a Little League coach, his team. The sky is the limit when you get your photo checks by ordering online.

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