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Check Tips & Resources

Below are some interesting links and articles for aspects of the checking and banking industry. Everything from how to write a check, to check security issues and what to do about them, to companion products is mentioned. Know a great resource that should be on the page…leave a comment below and I’ll link it up.

Security Issues

Visit the National Check Fraud Center, a private organization, provides nationwide, updated multi-source information and intelligence to support local law enforcement, federal agencies, financial and retail communities in the detection, investigation, and the prosecution of known check fraud and white collar crimes. They can help if you suspect you may have been the victim of check fraud.

Read these quick tips for spotting check fraud and scams.

Checking Law & Legislation

Check 21 is a legislation to move the check clearing process into the 21st Century by allowing the digital clearing and process of check images rather than the physical paper checks.

How Check 21 will affect you as the consumer with respect to personal checks.

How To Write a Check

This interactive page, will teach you how to write a check as you click around on an actual image of check.

Another interactive slide show walks you through the check writing process.

Check Safety

This article on points out several tips to be aware of that increase the safety of a check when you are filling it out…very worthwhile info.

History of Checks

This article gives a concise history of the use of checks:

No one is sure when the first check was written or chiseled into a piece of wood or stone. Some experts think the Romans may have invented the check about 352 BC….The earliest evidence of deposits subject to “cheque” pertains to medieval Italy and Catalonia. In the primitive banks of deposits in those areas it was necessary for the depositor to appear in person before a banker either to withdraw funds or to transfer them to an account of another customer. The practice of using written instruments for those purposes gradually evolved.

For everything from the history of checks, to the legal breakdown of the parts of a check and a prediction of the future usages of checks, visit the checks (cheques) page on Wikipedia.

Our site has a nice pictorial article about 15 historical & interesting bank checks that is worth looking at.

Business Checks

Order business checks online from CheckAdvantage and rest assured you will receive the highest quality, bank approved checks for your business.

The name suggests the area of operation, and you can find much more than business checks and QuickBooks checks. Manual and Peachtree Checks, and Computer Printed Laser checks.

Address Labels

Quickly Find The Best Offers For Return Address Labels. Choose From All Major Venders

Address labels are a popular companion product for designer checks.

Writing Tools

Promotional Pens – A buyers guide to ordering the right promotional pen.

Home Office Supplies

A consumers guide to paper shredder. Including information on how to buy the right shredder for your needs.

Enormous selection of executive office chairs, as well as ergonomic, desk, computer, stacking and reception seating to fit every budget.

Do you know of a great resource that should be included, leave a comment please, so I can put it up!