Top Stub Personal Checks

If you’ve been putting off ordering checks, perhaps it’s time to forget about contacting your local bank and venture online to order your refills. More people have discovered the ease of ordering as well as the wide selection of styles available by online personal check manufacturers.

If you wish to pay more and get less, stick with your bank. That used to be my assumption until I realized that I can choose my own design from literally thousands of images. Whether you prefer Disney characters or sports themes, pastoral images or your favorite rock ‘n roll group, you’ll find something that tickles your fancy.

Most online personal check printers also offer the option of photo customization. You can upload an image of your favorite pet or even your entire family and place them on your checks. The process is simple and quick.

I usually choose the top stub personal check format. It’s the most familiar check product sold online. There are of course other styles to choose from including side tear checks. Ordering top stub personal checks online takes less time than reading this article. You simply choose your online personal check provider, and then make your choice of design. If you prefer religious themes, they are widely available. Whether you’re a soccer fan or a hockey fan, there is usually a design for you.

I have a professional looking receipt to match each check that I write when I order the top stub personal check with a duplicate. It means that I don’t have to remember to write the checking information and my wife no longer gets mad at me. Having these records all in one place saves a lot of time when she has to do account reconciliation. It’s also great for tax reasons.

I can write all my banking transactions in the same place where I’m writing my checks instead of having to go back and forth between my check register and my checkbook. It’s not only convenient, it’s foolproof.

Top stub personal checks usually come in spiral-bound or perforated format. The portion that is issued to the payee is attached to a section of the check where the details of the transaction can be written.

Choose the design that you like and add any extras to your order. If you wish to order custom check covers, personal address labels or any other products that they sell, make your choice. Click the order button and go to the personal details page.

Here you will fill in important information regarding your checking account, e-mail and mailing address and other banking information. Click the payment button and fill in your credit card information. Next, double check your order and choose the shipping option you prefer. Press pay and you’re done.

Many online services offer rush delivery of your checks while others offer free shipping. Having a wide variety of choices can enhance your sense of personal expression while making bill payment more fun. Go ahead, give it a try.

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