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Express your individuality and creativity with Unique Checks. Everyone wants unique products because it makes them feel more special. This attitude carries over to all aspects of life. Even with checks, unique is the cool way to go.
You are one of a kind, so why don’t you customize yourself a one-of-a-kind check by uploading a personal picture of favorite image?

Unique Checks that are not so Hard to Find

The internet is a good place for sourcing unique products. It is also the best place to create unique checks. If you want unique checks, then you will be able to create image based checks, t-shirts and even coffee mugs. Online, you can find all sorts of artistic checks. A check can have swirls, dots, and watercolor images. If you want colorful checks, you will find them, too. If you are a fan of Kero-Keropi, for instance, you can order some frog check designs. If you are a member of the Green Earth movement, stock your checkbook with recycled checks.

As the popularity of online shopping has soared over the years, more and more people have taken to ordering checks from the more popular sites (4 Checks, Checks in the Mail, Checks Unlimited as well as Unique Checks). As a result, the so-called ‘styles checks‘ are becoming more and more commonplace. If you loved the Happy Feet movie, for instance, you can get penguin checks online. However, a fellow penguin fan could choose the same design.

Unique Checks at

There is still a place online where unique checks are truly unique. Visit UniqueChecks ( and you will find why this e-commerce store, more so than many others that sell bank checks, gives you check products which nobody else has or can have. This is because they allow you to upload your own images to use a check backgrounds.

You have ultimate control over your check designs. What you will get are photo checks, not personalized checks that are personal only by virtue of customizing the lay-out and information on a template that has been used by hundreds of other customers. Here, you can actually use your own pictures or pictures that you yourself have taken on your personalized photo checks. To order personalized checks, visit the site, choose your template, and upload a picture of yourself or that picture of the Caribbean sunset which you took when you were there on vacation.

You can upload up to four of your own pictures if you choose the rotating series. By choosing the rotating series, your unique checks can become even more special as you can have a single checkbook that has up to four kinds of background images. With your personal checks order, you will also get a unique checkbook cover made of soft cotton.

At Unique Checks, you also have a choice in check styles: checks can be in wallet or top-stub format. If it’s the former, you can order unique checks in singles or duplicates.