Using personalized photo checks is a fun way to spend money, don’t you agree? They are colorful, they are imbued with your unique personality (especially if you use a custom photo) and they are rather cheap, too. Besides, you’re going to have to buy checks anyway, so why not buy artistic checks or styles image checks? Instead of using a boring bank check when next you visit the mall, use personalized photo checks instead.

To make your check even more personal, forego the personalized designer checks where you have choice only on the font, the layout and the information to be included. Custom photo checks (also known as personal photo checks) are even better because you can use your choice of photograph as the background image.

Which Photo On Your Checks?

After deciding to get some personalized photo checks, you have to decide on which photo to use. Like most people, you probably have lots and lots of photos so it would be quite hard to decide which personal photo to use. Choose well. If you choose the wrong picture, you’ll have to suffer through one whole checkbook of photo checks with a check design you don’t like – unless you can afford to waste money and have your personalized photo checks replaced. If you don’t have a picture readily available, you can order a photograph from any photo products store online.

Design Your Personal Check

After deciding on a picture, design your custom checks. Online check printing companies that let you upload your own picture are also usually more flexible when it comes to check formatting and lay-outing. With some check printers, you can even include a personal message or a motto on your check. You can also order personalized accessories to match your personalized photo checks.

Discount Checks

Generally, personal checks are cheaper online. Personalized photo checks may be more expensive than the run-of-the-mill check designs, but they’re still cheaper than what your bank will charge you. It is also doubtful whether your bank can give you personalized photo checks, anyway. Your bank is much more likely to offer you limited check design choices. If cost is a top priority with you, find a merchant that gives discounts to customers who reorder checks from them.

Online, a lot of check companies offer cheap personal checks. You must do some comparison shopping before you order personal checks from any one of the online vendors. Sometimes, the difference in prices can be significant. Thus, you should order photo checks only from a reputable company that can give you the best price. This way, you will get wonderful-looking personalized photo checks at the best possible price.

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