Photo checks are neither impractical nor useless. There really is a more practical side to using them – and it has everything to do with your business. By using a custom photographic image as your check stock background, you have a unique and clever way to make strong impression on your clients and suppliers.

Custom Photo Checks for Branding

Checks can add a personal touch to your transactions. Instead of using sports checks (like NASCAR checks) and beach checks, why don’t you use business-relevant check art on your personal photo checks? This way, you will be using unique checks that can help you in your branding efforts.

Photo checks can be used to give your business a definite identity. If you have a computer business, for instance, you can buy photographs from digital photographers or professional photo dealers and use them on your computer business checks. The pictures you buy must, of course, be relevant to your business (e.g. computers, disks, etc).

If you are building an eco-friendly image for your company, order some recycled checks, instead. On your next photo checks order, you should choose designs that have relevance to the type of products you sell or to the type of service you offer.

Promoting Your Business on Your Checks

A simple check can actually be used to promote your business. You can purchase cheap photo checks online and offer these to your customers for free. You should order photo checks that have nothing but the correct layout, blank lines and your business name and logo. Be sure to get laser printer checks as well as inkjet checks so that your customers can print their personal and checking account information on them when needed. Doing this will benefit both you and your customers; your customers won’t have to go to the trouble of ordering bank checks when they run out, while you will get free advertising when your customers use the check you’ve provided.

On the other hand, you can give your customers some personalized photo checks which they can use for buying products at your store. In-house colorful checks that bear your business logo and name are a good way for you to extend credit to customers (and thereby encourage loyalty) and advertise at the same time.

Ordering Photo Checks for Business

You must submit your preferred image to your check vendor. You can create a simple logo using simple programs like MS Paint and use it on your next photo checks order. Of course, if you’re going to have a photo check made, why not make it professional all the way? Buy stock photo from stock photography sites or from fine art photography artists. Your check won’t do you much good if your design looks amateur.

Photo checks can serve a lot of purposes if used properly. Remember, they won’t just be for show if you know how to use them to your advantage. These photo checks might cost you a few dollars extra but every cent will be money well spent.

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