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by SMD 

Help! I’m Addicted To Website Statistics
Ever since I started this site I’ve been fascinated with the big question: Is anyone using it? Luckily there is an easy answer. I can log on and look at the site stats. Since I have my own server the stats are real-time.
It has become an obsession; I’m so busy checking the site traffic that I don’t get anything done. Getting stuff done is important if I ever want to have real traffic on my site. Here is a typical cycle: Log on to server and look at stats for How many visitors in the last 24 hours? What is the average time spent on the site (are they actually reading anything or are they just leaving right away)? Where did they come from (So far all traffic has been from the one money forum that I visit)? Did anyone come to my site from a search engine yet? How many search engine spiders have visited? What is the trend of the traffic?
Then there’s my Domain Parking experiment that I can go to. Pretty much the same here, only with money thrown in. How many visits? How many clicks? Click-through-rate? Earnings?
Next it’s Adsense. This is the one that I mainline. Same stats as above basically except you never know how much each click is going to be worth. AdSense is probably the highest traffic site on the internet, and what’s amazing is that Google doesn’t have ads on the pages. Amazing! I picture thousands of other rookie bloggers all signing in every five minutes to see if they’ve earned another ten cents. I guess that’s the measure of a professional versus an amateur – how often they check their Adsense account.
Adsense really accommodates us addicts too. They allow you to have various “Channels” so you can put different channelled ads on different content and see which topics produce the highest click-rate or which channel’s ads pay the most per click.
The latest one is the RSS feed’s stats. Feedburner gives pretty good stats about who is reading your feed and what they are using to do it. Feedburner informed me that my first completely anonymous reader came from an RSS search engine and use an RSS reader called Sage. Cool!
Now I can go to the forums that I post in regularly and see how many page views my posts (website bait – since my signature contains a link to the site) have generated.
At this point I many indulge in a little math. Something like “if 1000 times this many people came to my site each day I’d be making $??? a month…” And then, you guessed it, now it’s been five minutes so I can go back and check the server stats again.

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