AdSense Webinar Tip

by SMD 

I just finished listening to the Google AdSense team’s latest webinar. While most of the tips were the standard fair that can be found on the AdSense website however there was one tip that I thought was worthy of passing on.

A question was raised about how to know where the high priced keywords will show up on your page. The facilitators answered that the first AdSense block in your html script will get the ad from the top of the keyword auction [remember AdWords is based on an auction system for the advertisers]. What this means is that, in general, the AdSense block that is first in your html code will be the one getting the highest price per click.

So on this page, the block on the top left corner will have the highest priced ads, the one in the middle of the story to the right will get medium priced ones and the lowest price keywords are in the adblock at the end of the story.

What a website owner can do with this info is to set up AdSense channels [test everything!] and find out which adblock is getting the highest click through rate. Then position this block at the top of the page’s html code.

A good tip, I know that the price-range of clicks on this site is from $2 to .05 so swapping some of the low cost ones for the higher ones could provide a pretty nice boost to revenues.

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