Fear of Girls & WordPress Here I Come

by SMD 

I’ve finally made my decision to let go of this site, essentially to cut my losses [the most valuable investor's skill by the way] and to get a new domain and set up a shiny new wordpress blog.

The primary reason is the growing sense of limitation with my home made concoction of code. As any software developer knows the most expensive area of an application is maintenance and I’ve just decided that it’s wiser to be writing content and building businesses than spending the time to fix and improve the code behind this site. With so many dedicated people writing cool plug-ins and tools for wordpress, there is no way I can have those type of features and have any time left to write. If I had taken the time I spent just trying to fight comment spam [which is a battle that I have at least temporarily won btw] and used it to write stories I’d probably be retired by now :)

I’m going to leave it online [it makes 5 - 10 $ a day...a good rule on the internet...never take any site down, because you never know when some Google algorithm writer will sneeze and you show up on page one for some prime keyword and cash in big time] and just start over on the new site.

So, forgive me while I get set up on my new home…I’ll be posting even less than usual in the next week or two.

I do have a couple little humorous, non financial, links for you to pass the time with while I am busy packing and getting moved:

The first is a very funny, I assume fictional, video called fear of girls, that makes me really glad I was the kind of geek that was into computers and not D&D.

And the second one could single handedly ruin the huge online dating industry…imagine you had met the woman of your dreams online…after months of getting to know her, with great anticipation, you set up a face to face rendezvous…only to find out your fantasy girl was none other than your mama!

Hearing that story is going to do the same for the online dating business that Jaws did for swimming in the ocean.

Enjoy and see you soon,

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