How to make money online – money coach

by SMD 

Step 1: Content
- What is the site going to be about? Since content is the cornerstone of your site it is important that you choose something that you love. I spend a lot of time reading about money and personal finance, so this was a logical choice for me. If you don’t have a sincere interest in what you are doing, it won’t succeed. Plain and simple, you’d be better off starting a website about being a couch potato than pretending you’re interested in saving the whales, while actually what you really like to do is watch whale shows on TV.
- Now it’s important to remember that the goal of this website is not to satisfy the unmet needs of your childhood and finally express your deepest thoughts (although that may happen as well), the goal is to make money by selling advertising. So when you chose the theme for the content of your site you’ll want to have a topic that is not too board because, realistically, if you choose “money”, do you have any chance of competing with the big boys (also notice that there are 232 million hits). The companies at the top of this search list have the resources to always have themselves at the top of the search engines.
- Now let’s take another phrase “money coach”. It returns 11,200 exact matches. Sounds like much better odds. Notice the title of this page has the exact search phrase in it. Search Engines like that (page ranks higher). The other thing that is worthwhile to ask is: does anyone ever search for the phrase we have chosen? Let’s find out. Check out this tool. It allows you to type in a search phrase and tells you how many searches have been made for it and any related phrases in the past month. “Money Coach” has had nearly 600 searches in the past month. I’m liking those odds. Since the competition is largely others with about the same resources as myself.
- In summary, unless you have big time resources, choose a topic that avoids the big guys. If you can be a player in a niche market you can make some very decent money by providing high quality content and using targeted pay per click advertising.

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