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by SMD 

Today’s topic: keyword popularity research. I’ve been using Wordtracker for a couple months now and, just in case there are some that don’t know about it, or haven’t explored it completely I thought I would do an introduction [Wordtracker has an affiliate program so the links are all affiliate links, but there is a free version too].

At its core Wordtracker is a simple database that represents what people are searching for on the internet. It has become the niche marketer’s best friend, since it can slice and dice the flow of internet traffic based on keyword and search engine specific metrics.

Wordtracker helps website owners and search engine marketers identify keywords and phrases that are relevant to their or their client’s business and most likely to be used as queries by search engine visitors.

Marketers can also determine how many competing sites are using those keywords and can identify the phrases that have the greatest traffic potential.

How it is most commonly used is to choose a set of keywords to target for a website or webpage. The game is to find a keyword phrase that has the greatest number of searches with the lowest level of competition. Having this information can make a big difference. For example, if you are writing a story like the one I am writing now about keyword research I would go to Worktracker free trial tool and enter in my phrase.

The results are usually very interesting:

The exact phrase “keyword research” has 26 searches a month and 736,000 competing web pages.
But the alternate term “keyword popularity research” [which was suggested by Wordtracker] has 36 searches and only 1,380 competing pages. So I’m gearing the optimization of this page to the longer phrase; by using that phrase as the title and in bold in the body of the story.

If you did that for every page that you wrote, over time the difference in traffic to your site and the earnings from your site would likely increase dramatically: making the cost of the Wordtracker membership and the couple extra minutes of time, more than worth it.

Recently Wordtracker released a free guide to their service. The format of the guide was unique; they created a fictitious company and then had 9 experienced web marketers offer suggestions to the company based on research from using Wordtracker. The result is diverse collection of approaches to online marketing and business in general that contains a wealth of fresh and practical business generation ideas. Click here to download the free Wordtracker Keyword Research Guide.

Check out the free trial keyword tool, or take the Wordtracker tour. Or you can try NichBot as a pretty decent free alternative to Wordtracker.

The other cool thing that I receive from Wordtracker is the weekly keyword list [sign up here]. It’s two top 500 lists of terms that have been searched for in the meta search engines. The first is the most popular in the last 48 hours and the second is over the last 110 days.

I consider them a glimpse into the hearts and minds of the general public. I’m only quoting the top 10 from each, you can get the full list delivered to you weekly via email.

Nos.      Count         Keyword
1         3879          playstation game cheats
2         3544          games cheat
3         3364          hurricane katrina
4         2807          filler+gif
5         2565          hurrican katrina
6         1970          top 100 baby names
7         1889          google
8         1860          paris hilton
9         1843          dogs
10        1812          ebay

Nos.      Count         Keyword
1         183989        paris hilton
2         130841        google
3         118624        games
4         112020        yahoo
5         107266        ebay
6         100646        playstation 2 cheats
7         97880         games cheat
8         95954         jessica simpson
9         91678         carmen electra
10        90782         funny jokes

An ultra valuable tool. If you are into online marketing, a tool like Wordtracker gives you a huge advantage in the search engine and niche targeting wars. There’s nothing like the thrill of finding that magic keyword that has a pile of searches and no competion.

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