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by SMD 

Step 2 – Domain Name
- In Step 1 I decided on the topic of my site, I chose, for the purpose of this example the topic “Money Coach”. Now it’s time to get a domain name. I decided that I would only get a .com name because they are the most credible and if you just tell someone that your site is SmartMoneyDaily then you know they’ll try .com, they probably won’t try .ws or .biz or .info. Unfortunately a lot of other people feel the same way and therefore catchy domain names with the common words like “money” in them are a bit scarce.
Here’s a great tool to help you find domain names. I used it to find

Tip from experience: after you think that you’ve found the prefect name, wait 48 hours and ask a few friends for their opinions, in my experience there is a euphoria that needs to settle down a bit before you know that you have a domain name that you can actually live with. I made a whole list of ones that I like then asked my wife for opinions. Many that I thought were fantastic didn’t sound too good a couple days later.
- The next thing you’ll need to do is register the domain. If you search on google for domains you’ll find a whack of places to register. I chose Aplus.Net because they were having a special of $5.95 for a one year registration. I have in the past also used It doesn’t matter too much, just take one that looks professional.

Hosting & A Site Software
- You’ll need a place to host your site (and a site to host for that matter). If you’re not a techie at all look at site hosted by some like here. You can also get a 90 free trial of by entering the code: movable. Choosing a site and host is a much bigger topic than I want to get into, what’s most important at this point is to pay little and be able to customize the site to do what you want. I am a techie so I’ve created and hosted my own site, which hopefully I’ll have available for sale (at a good price) sometime soon.

- The last step in getting online is to point your domain name at your site. The hosting company you have chosen should have instructions on how to do this. You will also need to go in and create categories and subcategorizes and chose styles and stuff like that. I didn’t spend to much time on these decisions. More important is getting some content in and having people start finding your site. Now add your first story.

- Once that is done… Congratulations, you have hit milestone number one, your site is live. Give your self a pat on the back, you’ve take the first step on the long journey of having a web business. For me this date was Jan. 26, 2005.

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