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Why I Needed a Blog Farm Team
I was sitting on the couch last night with my laptop trying to wade through the endless number of emails that I have in my various inboxes. Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea; I don’t have that many friends, most of these emails are from myself. Up until yesterday when I found something that I thought would make a good story, I would wrap up a summary and a link and throw it into and email to myself. Then when it got to the inbox I would flag it for follow-up and add “Story Idea” to the subject line.
While watching the spring training baseball highlights last night I had an idea: I need a farm system for all this story pieces. As I thought about it some more I remembered the Google toolbar that I seldom used (I grabbed the Beta3 version since it has a spellchecker). If you go into the Options button and the More tab you can enable Blog This.
Then I headed over to Blogger and opened an account. Now when I’m surfing around and find something that I think I should write a story about or just triggers an idea I click on the little orange B and I can instantly post a story fragment with links to my Blogger blog.
Of course I’ve added AdSense to that Blog too (with its own tracking channel so I can see if there is anyone clicking on those links) and a link back to this site. Also when I complete a story on the Blogger site, I will post a link to the finished article back on this site, so interested readers can get the full version. Over the next few days I will migrate all the emails that I have out to that site, and then I will have access to them from anywhere.
I know what some people must be saying, “What if someone steals all your ideas?”. So be it, is my answer. It’s not really that I write anything earth shattering anyways and I’m not much of a news blogger (as you’ll see if you click the ‘News’ category to the left).
Actually I’ve very excited about this because the biggest problem I’m having since I started this site is to keep up with the huge number of topics that I’d like to write about. At least this way they will be out there in some form because it is probable that a lot of them I will just never get to. Just like in baseball, if the farm team makes a few bucks it’s a bonus. I’m sure it will be a place for stories to develop.

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