The Beauty of AdSense

by SMD 

AdSense Theory Explained
The most popular way to make money from a content-rich website (a blog or similar) is to use Google’s AdSense. As you can see they are sprinkled liberally around my pages (the maximum you are allowed is four blocks per page).
These ads are available in two styles and many formats (shapes). The first is the traditional banner, which has become a dinosaur since so few people actually click on them. The second are the text ads. These ads have precipitated the explosion in online advertising.
The beauty of the text ads is that they can be integrated almost seamlessly into the content of the page. You can see on my pages that I have chosen the colors of the ads to blend in with the area of the pages that they are placed on.
Isn’t this trickery? Maybe yes, maybe no. If you assume that a visitor is looking for information, does it really matter whether they click a link that takes them to another part of your site or a link that takes them to another site? Haven’t you provided them a service (helping them find what they are looking for) either way?
Each time someone clicks an ad on my site I receive a payment that can range from a few cents to a couple dollars. (By the way, yes, it is against the rules to ask all your friends to click ads on your site…you can bet Google has scanners watching for this type of activity.)
But the real beauty of AdSense is that the amazing Google search engine automatically scans each page that it sends an ad to and determines that page’s theme and sends ads that are content specific to that page.
So if I write an article about eBay I’ll get eBay ads and if I write about AdSense that page will get AdSense related ads. This is all done automatically and all I have to do is put the same little piece of script on the location where I want the ad to show up.
There are a lot of theories about how to create an effective AdSense strategy. I found this site has a very good series of articles that detail the process of setting up an AdSense account and how to get the most out of it: Google AdSense

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