Web Hosting Service: 7 Questions To Ask

by SMD 

A good quality web hosting service can be difficult to find. There are a million companies all essentially offering the same thing, what criteria can you use to distinguish the competent from the pretenders? In this article I present my top seven questions that have to be answered correctly before I will sign up with a new hosting company, for my own company or one of my clients.

Web Hosting Service 7 Pre-Sale Questions

1.) Backups? – Ask about what is backed up you want to hear that all files and databases are backed up, not just files or just databases.

2.) Data Center Location? – Avoid hosting with companies that have their datacenter in areas that are subject to extremes of weather or are politically unstable.

3.) Phone Support? – Is there a support phone number on the website? If not find another web hosting service. If there is call the number and ask a couple routine questions from this list.

4.) Testimonials? – Can you find the name and websites of other sites that host with this company? Look for web hosting reviews if you can find a reliable testimonial.

5.) Crowded Servers? – Ask how many sites do they put on each server?

6.) Spam Complaints? – Since you’ll be sharing servers, you’ll want to make sure you don’t have any bad neighbors.

7.) Patch Management? – How current are their software installations? What version of PHP are they using? Find out and then go to and check the current stable version.

While this is not a completely exhaustive list of factors that determine the quality of a hosting service, it is a quick and useful way to avoid the most common causes of problems when choosing a web hosting company.

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