What is Smart Money Daily?

by SMD 

- SMD is a personal exploration of what money is all about and what goes on in my heart and mind in reaction and response to the issues that money brings up.

Practical Money Ideas
- SMD is also about some of the practical applications that result from the examinations mentioned above. These will include: investments, saving money, dealing with debt, building a business, macro economics and how they affect daily money issues and other ways to achieve financial freedom.

An Information Business
- SMD is also a chronicle of my attempt to turn these explorations into a revenue stream. This is to be accomplished by documenting, step-by-step the process of building this information business and also reporting on the milestones achieved.
In a nutshell this website is designed to be a business that provides content and sells advertising that is relative to the content.

- SMD is not meant to be advice as to what you should do with your life or your money. So this is the official disclaimer that if you follow anything that is mentioned on this site you do so at your own peril. You agree to take responsibility for your own actions (which, by the way is very healthy and always a good idea).

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