Why Google SEO is Hard

by SMD 

This post is mostly about me just storing some SEO and keyword links so I can find them and refer back, but I’ll add some comments too.

Here’s a useful mash up that allows you to see the overture bid prices and the overture [over-inflated] search counts side by side for a given search. I’d prefer to use nichebot or this tool or wordtracker for search counts, but for very first cut research I’ll look at the overture numbers.

Here’s another new keyword research tool that I have only played with briefly, but it looks like it is worth some further exploration.

This is a very useful SEO research tool that gives you the top 10 results from Google for a given keyword phrase. What is very enlightening is the info it reveals about the age of the url. Google obviously gives preference to older urls. It is sad but true, unless you have a time machine in your SEO toolkit; you’re going to have to work twice as hard to take ranking from a site that’s been online since 1997.

This site has gathered a stunningly complete collection of internet marketing tools. Each link on this page opens to another page of tools for that category. Give yourself some time to wade through these ones.

Just in case the last site missed any SEO related tools, SEO Company has this collection of 151 SEO tools. I found this free online xml sitemap builder there…xml sitemaps are considered to be one of the top SEO boosters these days as they help the Googlebot find and index all of your pages.

There’s my SEO, keyword dump. Should keep us both busy for a bit.

Happing Niching,


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One Response to “Why Google SEO is Hard”

  1. Les on June 13th, 2007 4:26 am

    Excellent SEO info Jon! If you recall, you and I met at a Motiva meeting long ago. I am updating and adding new sites online and am always looking for good SEO info Thanks for the tips…you never know who is reading your blog!!

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