Zero Dollar Home Page

by SMD 

Of course you knew there would be spin-offs from an idea as clever as the Million Dollar Home Page that I wrote about earlier this week. And you would be right. One that I like is the Zero Dollar Home Page [despite the obvious lack of a profit motive]. Basically the owner has decided to put up a site just like the Million Dollar version but to give the pixels away for free – just for fun.

So, I decided to ‘apply’ for some free pixels and send a request. The selection process is based on the owners rating of your site and he offered me a 20 x 20 block and choice of where I would like to be located. This would have cost $400 bucks on the Million Dollar page so I was pretty stoked.

If you visit the link above you’ll find my Smart Money Daily logo on the top row directly under the ‘R’ in Recommend Us. The funny thing is I was trying to request to be placed about 1/2 way down the first column, but I couldn’t remember which one was the ‘X’ axis and which one was ‘Y’ and I must have sent in the opposite. [You apply for a coordinate.]

The bottom line is that I’m glad Eivind liked my site because I’m definitely getting traffic coming from the Zero Dollar Home Page, so if you have a site that could use a few more visitors you may want to send Eivind an image and a request for a link.

Also as an update, the Million Dollar Home Page has now sold $187,000 dollars worth of pixels and apparently, from the buzz in webmasterforums is that the amount of traffic that the advertisers are receiving from that page is well worth the cost.

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