A To Do List System for Financial Success

by SMD 

It’s something we all dread, yet there is no known way to get around it. If you are going to have a successful, efficient and financially comfortable life, you’ve got to learn a “to do “system that works for you. breaks down the to do list systems in their recent post, the Art of The Perfect To Do List.

The article breaks down the dynamic that exists within one’s self that helps us understand how to make a to-do list in order get through the work day. Appropriately, author Gina Trapani breaks down the to-do list basics into eight easy to remember steps. These steps, which range from “Break it Down” to “Log Your Done Items”, are sure fire ways to not only improve your productivity, but make the work day much more enjoyable. With a little bit of humor and a whole lot of common sense, Trapani tackles one of the most overlooked everyday tasks that business people have to undertake.

Though Trapani’s suggestions are a bit simplistic and somewhat overbearing, I can see how some people might need to keep a log of every activity that they plan to undertake during a given work day. Though I would never personally add things such as “get up and shower” or “eat breakfast” to my daily list, if it helps a person stay motivated, then I’m all for it. You wouldn’t want to forget to take those showers.

One thing that this article seems to fail to acknowledge is that making a daily schedule should be much more specialized towards a person’s individual needs rather than a general template. Everyone has different organizational needs; therefore it might be best to address those needs on a personal level. It’s also important to make sure you to do list is integrated with your long term financial goals, to make sure you are taking specific actionable steps each month, each week and each day, to grow your income and achieve your financial goals.

But if you haven’t yet found an effective to do list system in support of your income and your life, it’s definitely worth finding the one that works best for you. I’ve been meaning to do that myself. It’s on a to do list in a drawer somewhere. I wrote down on a sticky to look for it. Now where is that sticky…

Do you have a great to do list system that helps you keep your daily life organized and also helps you step towards your financial goals? Tell us about it. How do you to do?

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