Albert Koopman – The China Dragon Fund

by SMD 

Last night I had the pleasure to attend a talk by Albert Koopman. Not only was the talk highly entertaining but enlightening as well. Here’s a little taste of his bio:

“These businesses were under Albert’s directorship and management: Metro Cash and Carry comprised of 117 stores totaling $1 billion with 3000 employees; Cashbuild Cash and Carry of 59 stores totaling $800 million with 750 employees; Trador Cash and Carry of 31 stores totaling $1 billion with 2500 employees; Sco-Click Holdings and Investment Company of 207 stores totaling $4 billion with 6000 employees.” Quoted from here.

Albert is also the author of 6 books including, Transcultural Management a book that is used as a graduate text at 27 business schools.

He is currently the fund manager for the Freedom Investment Club’s [I am a member] China Dragon Fund. Albert is bullish on China. When a person as passionate about business as Albert sees opportunity, good things are bound to happen.

In a half-hour talk, Albert gave out enough wisdom to keep me writing for a month or two. It’s clear that he has turned the disadvantage of growing up in a third world country into his greatest strength. He understands that by working inclusively [as partners] we can create infinite value, but by creating borders, walls, distinctions and differences [the traditional western way], we are bound to fail.

More to come about Albert Koosman, including the reality of communism and why the U.S. dollar is doomed in it’s role as the world’s primary currency.

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