How to Buy a HUD Home: Part Four

by JS 

Part four of a four part guide to buying a HUD home

Paying for your New Home

Once you have found this dream home, you have to pay for it somehow. This is one way in which the HUD market and the private sector are quite similar. These homes are generally less expensive than those that you might find on the open market, but you will still have the same duty of finding a respectable mortgage lender. Today’s home market has caused mortgage lenders to tighten up their standards, making it more important to have good credit in order to get a loan. Mortgage lenders got tired of getting burned on home to people with terrible credit.

Though fixed rate mortgages and adjustable rate mortgages are certainly the most popular form of home loan that you will find, there are some options available to people who purchase HUD homes. Many HUD home buyers do not have the necessary funds to make the 10% or 20% down payment that is required on most home loans. That’s why many people will opt for FHA insured loans. The federal government understands that many HUD buyers are a little short on cash and they compensate the lenders because of that. With this type of home loan, the money lent is insured by the federal government in case the home buyer defaults on the loan. This is an important piece of the HUD puzzle, as it enables all sorts of people to purchase homes and it also calms the worried minds of the mortgage loan lenders.

Remember that you can use pretty much any type of loan that you qualify for in order to purchase a home through HUD. It’s important to consider which options might be right for you in order to make a good decision. Choosing the right type of loan can save you big time in the long run against certain costs.

Overall, you will notice that the up front costs of home buying are greatly reduced when buying from HUD. Not only are down payments reduced, but the closing costs and fees associated with buying from HUD are much smaller. HUD will even go as far as paying some of the fees associated with using a broker if you use HUD to purchase a home.

In the end, buying a home through HUD can be quite a rewarding experience. If you are a person that enjoys fixing up homes, then there can be some wonderful opportunities out there in the HUD market. Likewise, if you a person who has always dreamed of owning a home, then HUD can provide you with an opportunity to be a home owner. It can give you a chance to get ahead and own a home based upon your will to pay for that home.

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