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by SMD 

The New Barometer is Painfully Funny, Unfortunately True

Richard Browning’s new article, The New Barometer of High Street Misery is an absolutely entertaining and thought provoking piece that I had to read this week when I happened upon it. Browning is as sarcastic as they come, but don’t tell him that. His message is all about business smarts and how a common sense approach might benefit the average investor. I tend to agree on all counts.

His suggestion that investors should make investments in companies based upon their security personnel is obviously a facetious attempt at poking fun, but it does raise some interesting questions about the current state of the retail business. By all accounts, numbers were off this holiday season, especially for people in the entertainment and luxury industries. People just don’t have the money to do the shopping that they used to. Actually, to be honest, people never had the money to do that kind of shopping. Now, they have just run out of people who are willing to loan them said shopping dollars.

I don’t know how you feel about shopping, but I’ve become more and more sour towards the entire process over the last few years. Though I had never thought about it before, Browning might actually be right about the amount of security personnel roaming the stores today. That is not important, though. What’s important is the underlying message at the heart of the article. It’s time to re-evaluate where your investment dollars are going.

You don’t know nearly as much about the retail industry as you think you do. Work hard to teach yourself the ins and outs of other investment opportunities. You might not know this, but there are other ways to grow your hard earned dollars than investing them in a risky retail venture. Some stores are going to be having to cut back in order to make ends meet in the coming months, so it’s in your best interests to make sure your investment dollars aren’t a part of the crunch.

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