Six True Stories of People Who Found Cash and Turned it In. Part 2

by SMD 

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Found Cash Case #4: Two Garbage men find $5100 in shirt, return it to house.
Todd Little and Edwin Workman were working the Friday garbage collection route on New Years Eve, 2004 in Hickory North Carolina, when Workman noticed a “bulge in a shirt pocket” that was being discarded. That “bulge” was 51, $100 bills. Someone’s year-end bonus. Little and Workman immediately went to the door of the house, but no one answered. So after work, they went back to the home and returned the $5,100 back to the owner.  The woman had tossed out some of her husband’s old clothes and the money was left in the shirt pocket.  Workman and Little said they “were just doing what was right.”  “There was no question in our mind when we found the money, we knew where it came from and were anxious to return it to the proper person,” said Workman, who has worked for the city for more than four years.

Found Cash Case #5: Man Returns $10,000 he found in house he bought.
Katsumasa Hibino, from Nagoya, Japan, got a surprise gift from the previous owner of a house he moved into, when he found $10,000 cash in a heating vent a year after he moved in.  He and a friend were looking for a place to run his TV cable when they opened the vent cover. The vent was fake, and had a small lock box hidden inside. They forced it open and found bills wrapped in foil totaling $10,000.  Since this unexpected gift was accidental, Katsumasa didn’t feel right about keeping it.  “The house is mine but the cash is not mine,” he said. “I know it’s not mine.”
Katsumasa called the police, who tracked down the previous owner of the home, Venna Williams, 83. Her husband, who had since passed away, had hidden the money.  Katsumasa says he felt he needed to return the money because he wouldn’t want to do anything that would disappoint his nine year old daughter.  
“Japanese names mean something,” His boss, John Farley said. “His name means ‘kind winner.’ He was just being true to his name.”

Found Cash Case #6: Man opens his $15 state refund, finds a check for over $2 million.
Jerry Mika has been all over the news recently. He was expecting to receive a $15 refund from the Utah Department of Commerce.  When the check came, it was a bit heavier than expected, due to all the extra ink.  The check was made out for $2,245,342. As this was a government check, experts have said he would have probably had no difficulty cashing it.  The agency would have of course attempted to retrieve the money once their mistake was realized, but there are of course a lot of countries that are not particularly close to Utah. Jerry did consider cashing the check. 

“I kept trying to find a way to make it legitimate so I could cash it,” he said. “I did think about all the things I could do with the money … who wouldn’t?”

Jerry might have been particularly tempted since he would have put at least some of the money to a good cause.  He runs the Providence Foundation, a non profit organization created to help Nepalese sherpas. 

The commerce director, Francine Giani, said “Clearly we have an honest, honest citizen. I wish I could do something more than say thanks.”  So does Jerry, Francine. So does Jerry.

Would you have returned the money in any of those situations? In each of them?

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  4. aremat on September 22nd, 2008 3:09 am

    do you have a true story of honest people with picture!!!???

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    NO, unless there was some chance I would go to prison.

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    Thanks I’m the one who found the $640,000

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