AskJeeves Launches Advertising Network

by SMD 

Yahoo news is reporting today that popular search engine  Ask Jeeves is launching an advertising service to compete with Google’s AdWords program.

Ask Jeeves’ marketing system, scheduled to debut Monday, follows the same model that has been generating tremendous profit growth for Google and another Internet powerhouse, Yahoo Inc. during the past three years.

Now it is interesting to note that up until now Ask Jeeves has displayed Google ads on their search results pages:

“Google probably isn’t going to be happy about this, but they are still going to take the revenue they get from Ask Jeeves,” predicted Charlie Sardou, director of media for icrossing, a search engine marketing firm that works with online advertisers.

You can read the entire Yahoo! news article here.

Ask Jeeves is the fifth highest used search engine accounting for roughly 6% of all searches. Shouldn’t be to big a threat to Google. What is a threat is that everyone in the search world, is now clearly out and gunning for a slice of Google’s pie. Google’s overall percentage of searches continues to gently slip, but they still have a strangle-hold on the very lucrative pay per click world.

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One Response to “AskJeeves Launches Advertising Network”

  1. Nikki on June 13th, 2007 3:58 am

    Their algos are superior for now. Other ad networks are having a difficult time equalling Google’s ability to serve up relavent ads based on the text on a page. If someone else could even come close they would get to part of the issue. Then there is the AdWords algo which allows an advertiser to bid less than on say Overture because they consider CTR and it’s not just a bidding war. Also, they corner the consumer search market. It is difficult for even Yahoo!, their closest competitor to get it all right. And Yahoo! has an excellent brand.

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