Bait Car and Story Updates

by SMD 

Just a couple of quick updates on previous stories.

1.) [Off Topic] follow up to the Bait Car program story. If you followed the link and watched the actual videos of the car thieves in action, you may be interested in Aubrey Tennant’s Blog. He was “featured” in the wildest video called “Oncoming” in which he drove head-on in oncoming traffic for a kick. The video is quite unflattering to say the least and in his blog Mr. Tennant explains that he has since done his time and is now going to leave the country to escape ridicule from friends and family. Aubrey is also a theatre performer and it is interesting to get a glimpse of the person beyond the car thief.

2.) [Slightly more on Topic] follow up to my story about’s use of technologies like podcasting and RSS. Webmaster.FM’s podcast show Ms. Write has an interview with Michael Moore, director of interactive marketing at Purina Pet Care. The program covers Purina’s attempts to make their site more interactive by using a variety of media and the ways they evaluate the results of their programs.

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