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by SMD 

The Motley Fool has an interview with Mark Cuban. He’s wildly rich and entertaining as hell and he has a blog.  Hear about his latest ventures.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is known for a number of things. He was the co-founder of He starred in the ABC reality show The Benefactor. He’s the founder of the high definition television network, HDNET. And his latest venture is the movie production company 2929 Entertainment. David talks business and investing with Cuban.

Quoted from You can catch the audio here [Real Audio player required].

Update: In the interview Mark covers a “flyer” investment that he has taken in domain name registration company [hit the link to see the chart - it's gone vertical since early May, so the easy money is probably gone from this one].

He suggests that the company is a cash-cow, but poorly managed and therefore has a huge upside potential. It should be noted that he does say that the vast majority of his holdings are in very conservative plays.

His future ideas: how about  Nascar style sponsor advertising on NBA player’s jerseys? A thumbs up from Mark.

Overall the interview is well worth a couple minutes. The buy-sell-hold segment at the end is pretty cool. Mark Cuban’s recommendation on Mark Cuban’s television career: Sell!

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