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Google’s Golden Triangle should be My Golden Triangle
- This article really got me thinking. It is about a study that was done to measure the movement of a searcher’s eyes over the page as they scan the search results on Google. Basically the red areas represent 100% of the time the eyes traveled on this area as the colors get cooler the percentage of eyes that fall on these areas drops. Given that in most (mine included) cultures we read from left to right and top to bottom the results of this study are not that surprising.
- So, on Google’s page it is clear where the prime real estate is. It’s a safe conclusion that all else being equal, the ad that is seen the most will get clicked the most (I realize this takes ad content out of the equation but that’s okay for this example).
- What can I do with this information? The first thing is to try and get myself into this area on Google. At the point where I am at right now, this will involve finding niche keywords that no one else is targeting. The other thing that came to mind is: on my own site how many of the ads fall within the “Golden Triangle”? At this moment, exactly 0% of my ads are showing up in these prime areas. Unlike on Google’s search page, this screen real estate is clearly within my control and I am not taking advantage of the highest rent districts on my site.
- Have been planning a revamp of the header and right menu of my site so I think this information will have to be worked into the plan. It will be interesting to see if the click-through rate improves with the new ad placements.

Some quotes from the original article:

Enquiro’s Gord Hotchkiss added, “We see a marked difference in how people say they search and what they actually do. Previous research had indicated that people were considered searchers and spent some time before choosing a link. The past few studies we’ve done, this one included, shows that there’s huge importance placed on where the eyeballs end up on the page. Clicks happen pretty quickly. It just shows that search marketing is a real estate game. It’s all about location, location, location.”

The key location on Google for visibility as determined by the eye activity in the study is a triangle that extends from the top of the results over to the top of the first result, then down to a point on the left side at the bottom of the “above the fold” visible results. This key area was looked at by 100 percent of the participants. In the study, this was referred to as the “Golden Triangle”. Generally, this area includes top sponsored, top organic results and Google’s alternative results, including shopping, news or local suggestions.

Quotes and image from here.

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