Rich Dad’s Reality TV

by SMD 

The Rich Dad company, in a letter from Robert Kiyosaki, announced today an interesting chance to have a look behind the scenes. In the tradition of reality TV they are going to present a series of video talks with Robert’s mentors and advisors.

The first program, which kicks off of August 1, is a multi-part video series with my business partner, mentor, my friend Frank Crerie. I went to Frank when I wanted to learn how the stock market worked from the inside out…from an insider’s point of view. Frank is often referred to as the “silver fox” of Wall Street. He’s taken scores of companies public…

When you look at the Fast Track on the CASHFLOW® board game, some of those deals are deals that Frank & I worked on in real life. In this on-line video series, Frank shares with you his insights into what it takes to be an entrepreneur on the Fast Track. The Rich Dad team was mesmerized during his presentation, learning how entrepreneurs raise millions of dollars to fund their projects.

I believe that it is Frank who Robert is discussing in his book Guide To Investing when he is learning how to take a company public by pestering a reclusive mining company executive.

These programs are part of the Rich Dad Insiders group which is costs about $10 a month and has a few other tools and programs as well as an exclusive discussion group. I’ve always found the Rich Dad tapes and video worthwhile and, even though I don’t part with money easily these days, I will probably give the Insiders a try and check out a couple episodes of Rich Dad TV.

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  1. Virawathna on November 27th, 2011 10:22 pm

    I am glad to read the book’s Roberd . It is useful of the reading every day in the morning because I have to be rich. It is my rule. I have the four poit. Such as the left have the Employee and the small business. The right have the Big Business and the investers. If you need to be rich, you have to be the knowlege to read it. I am planing to finish for 3 – 5 years.

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