Steve Ballmer is Going to Kill Google

by SMD 

This story proves that it may take a lot of different qualities to get to be the CEO of one of the world’s largest companies, but maturity is not one of them.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who’s been known to loose it [some funny videos here], even when he’s in a good mood has definitely lost it again – only this time he’s really angry!

Basically Google is raiding Microsoft [and other companies] for top talent and hearing that former Microsoft executive Kai Fu-Lee began working at Google the day after he resigned from Microsoft, Steve uttered the following pleasantries:

“I’m going to f—— bury that guy [Google CEO Eric Schmidt], I have done it before, and I will do it again,” the declaration quotes Ballmer. “I’m going to f—— kill Google.”

Really, “I’m going to f—– kill Google” is funny. You can read the entire article on [taken down] complete with news of the lawsuits and eyewitness accounts.

Mr. Lee must be quite a talent. He’s been hired to head up Google’s expansion into China and from the looks of the bucks they are tossing around they are serious about the expansion…

Google paid Lee a $2.5 million signing bonus and promised a $1.5 million bonus after one year, plus a $250,000 salary and options on 10,000 shares of Google stock, according to court documents. If he stays for four years, Lee also will receive another 20,000 Google shares, currently worth $5.8 million.

Wow! So let’s do a scorecard…work for the world’s hottest and probably most interesting company, that has navigated itself into the center of the technological universe, or for a stale struggling bullying company known mostly for its ability to copy the innovation of others.

C’mon Steve, wake up and smell the coffee, Microsoft has lost its edge and the sooner you begin to worry about that rather than trying to bully Google the better off all of us victim’s of your monopoly will be.

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