Take Action – And An Introduction

by SMD 

Getting Started – And an Introduction. I stumbled across this site this morning and was immediately drawn to the great name: Free From 9 to 5.

Now, having owned my own business, I think that the title shows a bit of naivety, [when I owned my previous business, friends would say, "You're so lucky to be able to set your own hours." I'd reply, "Yes, it's great. I can work whenever I long as I work 14 hours a day!"] but the thought is great.

I really liked this post about how important it is just to take action. This has been true in my own experience too.

I now have a blog, some blogosphere relationships, a software idea and a software application (or close to one). It all started with just getting started:

  • I started this blog in mid-March 2005.
  • I met people (other bloggers) I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t start this blog.
  • One of these blogger’s post gave me an idea.
  • I coded a software app.
  • Developing this app gave me ideas for TWO other related apps.
  • I now have a fledgling software shop of my very own!

By no means is this supporting me or anywhere close to freeing me from my 9 to 5 job yet, but things are looking a great deal brighter now. And it all started with the mere act of starting a blog.

Good luck Eric…you can catch more of this story here.

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